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Anchoring the ground floor of Hotel Forty Five, Loom’s footprint is steeped in history, but its vision is refreshingly original while preserving its Macon, GA roots. Loom celebrates the southern traditions of cooking by paying homage to locally sourced, artisanal ingredients whenever and wherever possible. To that end, our restaurant’s menu reflects the seasonal cycles of nature to underscore sustainability while inspiring new techniques throughout the year. Loom’s carefully crafted cuisine can be described as Southern Revival with equal parts of tradition and innovation.

A nod to Macon’s roots in the textile industry, Loom is named to draw attention to the many stories that are weaved in the city’s history. Loom features a historic mural of workers inside of a textile mill along with hand-glazed ivy green tiles and copper accents. The decision for the ivy green tiles and copper accents stem from the natural process of patina, the green layer that forms on copper over time due to corrosion.

Welcome, settle in and add your story to Macon’s tapestry.

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Discover a nod to our roots in the textile industry and our many stories woven together.

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Saturday - Sunday: 10AM - 2PM


Monday - Thursday: 5PM - 9PM
Friday - Saturday: 5PM - 10PM
Sunday: 5PM - 9PM

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Monday - Thursday: 3PM - 10PM
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Hotel Forty Five
401 Cotton Avenue
Macon, GA 31201